A bug and some lists

So I got this little bug of an idea in my head today while trying to research the best way to make pumpkin puree (what I found definitely wasn’t the ‘best’ btw…).  Everyone in the world is blogging.  I thought, I can do that!  Of course, there are several barriers to the whole ‘blogging’ idea.  Let me begin listing them:

1. I am not creative or witty

2. I never finish what I start

3. I can’t keep up with my shoes, let alone keep up with a blog

4. When do people have time to write blogs?!  (kids are napping right now and some other task is currently going undone…)

5. And most importantly, I’m lazy…

Anyway, you may, or may not, be getting the idea.  But speaking of ideas, tons of them kept popping through my mind.  I could write on this and this, oh, and this!  Here is a list of those things, in case you may, or may not, be interested.

1. pumpkin pie

2. homemade bread (in a bread machine!)

3. Kombucha

4. living with a vocal Savannah cat

5. living with 3 kids, the oldest of which is not mine

6. attempting the homestead life by (hopefully soon) getting chickens and goats and having a garden

7. sharing the wonderful recipes I’ve found and made my own

8. chemical free living

9. Homeschooling

Well, so this list may be more for me than you, the reader.  But I have a lot of ideas!  And I’ll likely never sit down to type any more of them out.  

Beyond that, I suppose I can start off with a little about me.  I am a part time speech pathologist and full time mother/slave/chef/maid/animal carer/medical advice-giver for my family.  This said family includes my husband, 14 month old, 3 year old, and 5 year old (like I said before, that isn’t mine…yet).  It also includes a Boerboel, two shelter cats, and a very vocal (but otherwise super awesome) Savannah cat.  


On a random note, these were some of Google’s lovely suggestions while doing research earlier…



2 responses to “A bug and some lists”

  1. Tabi says :

    I totally think we should grow beards together. It IS November.

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